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Touristic and Gastronomic Guide to Tropea and its Surroundings

Tropea biz strongly recommends a visit to the Museum of Traditional Trades in Tropea - Calabria

Information - cultural and panoramical itineraries 

Itineraries from Tropea Along the Coast of The Gods Down South to Nicotera
A picturesque little town perched on a rock, with one of the few Hercules Ports in the world, according to the legend...
Capo Vaticano
Follow the road down to Grotticelle, an enchanting beach....
Santa Maria
Santa Maria di Ricadi is a little fishers town a hundred meters from the sea...
Visit the ancient watch tower Marrana in Brivadi...
On a cliff high above the sea you will find the old watch tower of "Angioina"...
The most prominent of the historical towns on this coast, because of its old town and ancient traditions...
Itineraries from Tropea Along the Coast Up North to Pizzo - Lago Angitola
Itineraries from Capo Vaticano towards Monte Poro
New Itineraries Shortly On-Line:
Filandari, Limbadi, Rombiolo,
S. Calogero, Zaccanopoli, Zungri,  Serra S. Bruno,  Drapia


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