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Information - visiting Parghelia
City of Parghelia tel 0963.600338 Pharmacy  Taccone  - tel. 0963.600172
Medical Guard tel. 0963.600594 Pro Loco  - tel. 0963.600666
Police of Tropea tel. 0963.61018
historians believe that this was originally an albanian colony. 
The town of Parghelia has been demolished twice by the earthquakes of 1783 and 1905.
Its current outlook was completed in 1926 but traces of its older parts can still be found in its noblemens palaces. The majestic rock called "Pizzuta" is one of the most famous characteristics of Parghelia.

Special for Parghelia:
Note the hills of Florio Felosi above the coast and the point of Zambrone, the famous "Pizzuta" and the fishing contest "u surici"

Worth a visit in Parghelia:
The church
of Santa Maria di Porto Salvo, one of the few buildings to survive the earthquake in 1700.
The mill "Cannamele", and the landscape surrounding it.
The beaches and the sea here are fabulous, as is the whole coastline.


The 18th century church of S.Maria di Portosalvo, where there are paintings of the napoletanian school and that of Salimene, aswell as a majestic altar and an old cross-bow. 

The second Sunday in August the Madonna is celebrated with great festivities.
After passing the church of Portosalvo, you can continue to the right for Fitili and after struggling a bit up the hill you will be rewarded with a terrific panorama.
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