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Tourist Guide to Tropea and its Surroundings

Cultural and Panoramical Itineraries Extracted from "Tropea - Practical Tourist Guide to the Thyrrenic Coast" by Francesco Stefanelli

Information - visiting Tropea
City tel. 0963.61022 Police tel. 0963.61018
Hospital tel. 0963.61690
Legend has it that this picturesque little town was originally founded by Hercules, therefore the port is called a Hercules Port. The name Tropea dates back to the V Century after Christ and suffered for several hundred years under the constant attacks of the Saracens.

From the Norman era and on, the independent town of Tropea became the popular nest of noble families who constructed their luscious palaces on the spectacular cliff above the sea. 

Places of Special Interest:
town has almost completely preserved its 16th century planning.
Admire the "Porta Nuova", the opening above the sea of piazza Galluppi with the savage cliff precipitating into the white beach stretching below.
At a short distance there is another cliff, on which is erected the sanctuary of Santa Maria dell'Isola.

The narrow streets of Tropea, the ancient noble palaces and the whiteness of the beaches below in contrast with the deep blu sea are an extraordinary experience for the senses.

Monuments of Tropea:
The chapel of Santa Maria dell'Isola, situated right on a cliff above the sea, can be reached by a windling path from the beach. Visit the church and do not miss the garden that offers breath-taking views of the sea from above - also because of its hidden terraces and panoramic benches, perfect for romantics. 

The Museum of Traditional Trades of Calabria
The various churches, palaces and decorated front doors are free to be discovered in every corner of the town. Just walk around in the shade of the late afternoon and enjoy the lost feeling of ancient history in every stone, the voices of the present being mixed with those of the past and if you're lucky you'll discover the special feeling of time never moving that is particularly strong in the enchanted town of Tropea.

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