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Information - visiting Nicotera
City of Nicotera tel 0963.81217 Pharmacy Garibaldi  - tel. 0963.81248
Medical Guard tel. 0963.84031 Pharmacy Via Cavour  - tel. 0963.81224
Police of Nicotera tel 0963.81210
town is supposed to have been created by the inhabitants of the ancient Medma of the Magna-Grecia, when they were attacked by the Saracenes and had to construct a stronger town, later fortified by Robert Guiscard.
The town name dates back to the first centuries after Christ. It has belonged to the family of
Ruffo, who built its castle, the Marzanos and the Di Gennaros .
Its fortifications were rebuilt by Roger of Lauria. Of particular archeological interest is the area that stretches from the port until the river mouth of Mesima.

Situated at
a height of 210 meters above the sea, the town of Nicotera consists in a number of windling streets, alleys and steep curves. There are whole blocks left from the old town, bearing the names of "Baglio" and "Giudecca".
From the Marina of Nicotera or the railway station (Nicotera Scalo) it is possible to admire the line of water mills that runs parallel with a torrent.

Worth a visit in Nicotera:

Nicotera is culturally and architectonically the most outstanding town center of the entire coastline.

There are two museums, which have been organized with enhtusiasm and skill. The first is the diocesan museum of religious art and the other one is the archeological museum that embraces the whole greek-roman era.

Another interesting visit would be a walk around the old Jewish getto, la Giudecca, that was created during the era of Federic II.  
Admire the numerous facades, the palaces and the stone fountains.
The Cathedral from the XIth century, the XVIIIth century castle and the statue of the Madonna della Scala, situated on a point from where you can see the panorama of the whole coast - called Costa Viola.

Some of the numerous water mills are open for visits.
The old Bishops Palace, the ruins of "Porta Prisa" and "Palmentieri" are preserved and well worth a visit. 

Find the "affacciu", where your panorama stretches from the Messina strait with Etna in the horizon until the Punta Faro and the Aeolian Islands.

The Marina of Nicotera offers you wide beaches with fine golden sand and has everything from tourist villages to beach lidos.

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