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Information - visiting Zambrone
City of Zambrone tel. 0963.392022 Pharmacy  Purita  - tel.0963.392010
Medical Guard tel. 0963.392450 Police of Zungri tel. 0963.664013
When Robert of Anjou ordered the town of Aramoni to be burnt down, the inhabitants settled down in the spot that became Zambrone.i
Close to the town runs the river of Potame, where historians have found a little tomb that dates back to the VIth century after Christ.
Today the biggest tourist attraction are the clean beaches.

Special for Zambrone:
Its particularity is its position on the coast line between Briatico and Parghelia.
Note the enchanting white beaches and the chrystalline sea.

Worth a Visit in Zambrone:

The church of San Carlo Borromeo, the mill of Zilui.

In the heart of Zambrone, there is an impressive amphitheatre where various festivities are held throughout the year, such as cultural manifestations, folkloristic shows, pop music concerts, aswell as classical music and orchestra performances.
There is also a social center with a conference room for 200 persons.
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