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Tourist Guide to Tropea and its Surroundings

Cultural and Panoramical Itineraries Extracted from "Tropea - Practical Tourist Guide to the Thyrrenic Coast" by Francesco Stefanelli

Information - visiting Spilinga
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When the inhabitants of the ancient town of Condrochilione, in the area of the river Buffa, fled their town because of plunderers, they founded Spilinga on the slopes of Monte Poro.  
In 1783 an earthquake demolished big parts of the town; after which Spilinga became the country residence of the noble families of Tropea.

This town, at the altitude of 430 meters due to Monte Poro, is the birth place of the most particular dish of the area - the 'Nduja sausage, a spicy red sausage that is produced from a blend of meat and is frequently used by the calabrese in all meals, as a spread on sandwiches, in salads, with the pasta and on the pizza. The most important ingredient, the red peperoncino of Calabria, is also grown here. 

Worth a visit in Spilinga:  
The grotta of the Madonna delle Fonti, one of many natural caves, still bearing signs of the basilian hermits who once lived here.

Note the main altar in alabaster and granite, probably a work of local stone-masons.

There si also a water transport construction that recalls the ancient romans aqueducts, when actually it was constructed during the last century by the mair of Ricadi with the idea to transport the water of Monte Poro to the town of Spilinga.

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