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Information - visiting Joppolo
City of Joppolo tel 0963.883010 Pharmacy Via La Russa  - tel. 0963.883383
Medical Guard tel. 0963.881217 Police of Joppolo tel. 0963.883033
Legend has it that a group of Basilian friars, originally from Sicily, when embarking in this delightful town named it after their holy patron, Sant'Euplo.
In 1300 Charles of Anjou overlet the town to Artemidoro Joppolo, from whom the name must derive. After being state land for a short while, the town went into the hands of several noble families, such as Marzano, Pignatelli, Gallupi, Ruffo and Melecinis of Pizzo.

The dramatic rocks and cliff formations lend a particular charm to the town of Joppolo, where the houses are clustered on a rock above the sea. 
Do not miss the beautiful beach surrounded by a green pine-wood.

Worth a Visit in Joppolo:

You can visit the watch-tower of "Angioina" that is erected on a little cliff almost right above the sparkling sea. Also worth while is the hill of Monte Poro, where you can taste the original pecorino cheese or visit the chapel of Madonna del Carmine, of whom the festivities are held on the 15th and 16th of July.

The hillside is covered by a dense vegetation with pine-trees, olive trees, almond trees and prickly pear trees.
From the nearby village of Maroniti there is a terrific panorama view of the Calabrese Appennines, Sicily with its vulcano Etna and in the far the Aeolian Islands.
Caroniti, after Napoli, is the only village in Southern Italy where the feast of St. Gennaro is still celebrated, since it seems that he might have been born in this village. 

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