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Touristic and Gastronomical Guide to Tropea and its Surroundings

Cultural and Panoramical Itineraries Extracted from "Tropea - Practical Tourist Guide to the Thyrrenic Coast" by Francesco Stefanelli

Itineraries from Tropea to Capo Vaticano - Santa Maria
City of Ricadi tel. 0963.669563 Pharmacy to S.Domenica tel. 0963.669147
Medical Assistance tel. 0963.663818 Pharmacy to Ricadi         tel. 0963.663012
Police of Spilinga tel. 0963.65034 Tourist Information - S.Nicoḷ      tel. 0963.663119

Heading towards S. Domenica, three hundred meters after the Hospital, a road on the right leads down to the beach "Baia di Riace". There is an ample public and private parking space where both plain boats and pedal boats can be rented.
The beach is sandy and the water a reflection of the sky, this beach being one of the most beautiful ones of the area. Here you will find the Lidos of"Old Well" and "Le Capanelle".

Returning to the main road you go to S. Domenica, from where a road leads down to the reknown outdoor discoteque "Rebus" and on the left a carpark is to be found.
Walking down a flight of steps you come to the predominantly stony beach. The sea-shore is covered with rocks.
Continuing towards Capo Vaticano you pass the "Forum Herculis" camping, and find on your right  a road that leads down to the resort '"Formicoli". There is an ample parking space, a sandy beach with shingle along the sea-shore and the lido "El Gajcio'".

Returning the main road you can continue to Capo Vaticano. Near the hotel "Stromboli" is the small holiday village "Torre Marino", from which you can admire the transparent blue-green sea water below.

Again on the main road you come to a junction which takes you not only to two public carparks but also to the holiday villages of Limoneto, Baia del Sole,  Robinson, Roller, Solaria and Torre Ruffa, each of which is equipped with all modern conveniences for those, including campers, who wish to spend a peaceful holiday on the beach.
Continuing your journey along the main road, after a few hundred meters, you arrive at  a turning to the right which leads to the resort "Tono e Tonicello". Here, close to the sandy sea-shore and public carpark, is the "Solemare" campsite.

If you wish to continue on the main road towards Nicotera, you will have to turn right two hundred meters after a level crossing to reach Capo Vaticano; immediately after hotel Calabrisella this road divides into two, the left turning to S. Maria, a picturesque village that was once a centre for fishing, and the right leading to Grotticelle and Capo Vaticano.
If you take the right turning you come to the holiday village "Costa Azzurra". Opposite, on the left, a road leads down to Grotticelle. This resort has a splendid beach with parking facilities. The beach itself is predominantly sandy. The transparently clean water is rendered picturesque by a number of rocks of different sizes, jutting up out of the sea. 
Returning from the beach to the main road you have just left to continue towards Capo Vaticano. After approximately thirty meters you come to the "La Lanterna" camping site. At this point it is a good idea to turn right and drive to a point overlooking the sea, known as "Belvedere", from which you can let the stunning view of primitively preserved nature take your breath away. 

From the "Belvedere", you can follow the flights of steps cut into the rock. These lead down to a variety of small beaches, the most important of which is the "Praia du Focu". A number of rocks emerge from the shingly beach and crystalline sea water, giving the scene a  very special beauty.
Back again on the main road you can continue towards the light house of the Italian Navy. A large square provides ample parking space. From here you can walk to a  number of panoramic points at the furthermost tip of Capo Vaticano. From here, as from the nearby shops run by Agroturistica, where you can find many local products, an extraordinary view stretches in all directions, including the needle of the rock "Du Palumbaru", as it arrogantly pierces the horizon. These were the views that so excited the writer Giuseppe Berto, that he decided to live at Capo Vaticano. 

You then return to the road for S. Maria.  After about five hundred meters, opposite the hotel "Baia del Capo", you can take the road for a sandy beach bordering "Park Hotel", which offers little opportunity for parking.
The sea-shore is a mixture of sand and shingle.
Continuing your tourist itinerary you turn to the right a few meters before the "Stella Marina" restaurant and, after parking without any difficulty, you come to a predominantly sandy beach. The sea-shore is a mixture of sand and shingle.

Nearby is the small square of S.Maria, offering very little parking space. The beach is very sandy and the sea-shore shingle for the first ten meters after the waterline, after which there is sand. On the square you find the small church of S. Maria di Loreto (in honour of the saint religious ceremonies are held on Easter Monday. Other events, including a procession by sea, are organised for 15th August.) Leaving the square on your right you arrive at a large carpark and the lido "L'ottagono" after about a hundred meters.
The beach is a mixture of sand and shingle. The sea-shore is shingle up to a few meters from the shore.

Returning to the church, a road on the right leads up to Ricadi (seven chilometers) before joining the Coccorino-Joppolo and Nicotera main road.

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