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Tourist Guide to Tropea and its Surroundings

Cultural and Panoramical Itineraries Extracted from "Tropea - Practical Tourist Guide to the Thyrrenic Coast" by Francesco Stefanelli

Information - visiting Ricadi
City of Ricadi tel. 0963.669563 Pharmacy  S.Domenica tel. 0963.669147
Medical Guard tel. 0963.663818 Pharmacy  Ricadi         tel. 0963.663012
Police of Spilinga tel. 0963.65034 Pro Loco - S.Nicolò      tel. 0963.663119

Legend has it that Hercules was the one to found this town, at a little distance from Forum Herculis, today Formicoli. According to the historians however Ricadi dates back to the Byzantine era when it was closely connected to the University of Tropea.
In 1808, under the reign of Joseph Napoleon, the area became officially a city and had its first mair. Among its fractions (Santa Domenica, Ciaramiti, San Nicolò, Brivadi and Orsigliadi) was introduced Brattirò that became part of the municipality of Drapia.

On the low plain of Monte Poro you will find this town that extends itself towards the sea and the beautiful beaches of Capo Vaticano. At the beach of "Formicoli" you can admire a rich fauna and impressive granit rocks, and of course a splendid view of the sea. 

Worth a visit:  
At Brivadi you can find the watch tower “Marrana”, of which there is left a simple wall. This tower received signals from the nearby watch tower of “Ruffa” and transmitted them to each tower of the coast, before they arrived to their final destination - the castle of Monteleone, today Vibo Valentia.

In Lampazzone you will find a wind mill from the 18th century that is still in function.
The owner, sig. Rizzo Giuseppe, gladly shows and explains the procedures of the mill, that have remained the same for centuries.
Visit the mill in the period from 1st June until 30th September on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Sundays between 8-20.

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