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Tourist Guide to Tropea and its Surroundings

Cultural and Panoramical Itineraries Extracted from "Tropea - Practical Tourist Guide to the Thyrrenic Coast" by Francesco Stefanelli
Information on visiting Monto Poro
The high plateau of Poro, that lies between Angitola, Mesima and le Serre, is like a little world apart from the rest of the area. It stands out from other calabrese massives because of its chrystalline rocks, mainly of granite, and its mild climate, the varying vegetation and the numerous population that lives in several little towns on the plateau.

The modest altitude (as a maximum 710 meters and at Coccorino 600 meters, aswell as at the castle of Vibo Valentia) allows the growth of olive trees even in the highest parts.                    You will notice a multitude of houses that are scattered over the plateau; these are the houses of the farmers who have resisted the emigration waves and remained faithful to their tradition,  earning their living from cattle and sheep breeding.

The massive extends itself towards Mesima, where it gradually descends, and even more on the coast of the Thyrrenic Sea, where the characteristic terraces bear witness of a centuries long struggle of the people of this land. Among its juts out in the sea, there are Capo Vaticano, Petto della Torre and the point of the tower of Joppolo

The sheep cheese - pecorino - from this area is known for its quality and taste.

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