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Tropea awarded with the"5 VELE" summer 2003

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The Top 10 Beaches in Italy - the "5 Sails" of Summer 2003

Tropea has been awarded for its beautiful sea and beaches with the 5 sails (le 5 vele) in the summer of 2003 together with the following italian holiday resorts: Otranto (Puglia), Cinqueterre (Liguria), Castiglione della Pescaia (Toscana),  Bosa (Sardegna), Isole Tremiti (Puglia), Pollica - Acciaroli e Pioppi (Campania), Arbus (Sardegna), Lampedusa e Linosa (Sicilia), Orosei (Sardegna), selectioned by the "GUIDA BLU" of the LEGAMBIENTE and TOURING CLUB ITALIANO.

News: Tropea once again the eco-queen of the Mediterranean

After the reward of the 5 sails from last summer, in the summer of 2003 Tropea remains on its sixth position among the most beautiful beach resorts of Italy. Partly thanks to the city council, that has been trying to do everthing to improve the service offered on this already splendid spot of the coast.

During this last year the first attempt to ecological waste collection has been made successfully and the architectural barrieres have been diminished. The cliff of S. Maria dell'Isola has been entirely restored, being the symbol of Tropea. The cliff on which the town has been constructed has also undergone a complete renovation, allowing the natural beauty of Tropea to be admired at its most once again. In order to protect the town center it has now been closed to alien traffic. 

Do not forget the 4 sails award(le 4 vele) of the nearby resorts Ricadi (Capo Vaticano) and Pizzo Calabro.

Tropea .biz in collaboration with GJMultimedia invites you to discover the real-life beauty of the Old Town and the splendid beaches of Tropea, follow the 360° virtual tour to get a panoramic peek of the most magnificent views, as close to reality as it gets!
Virtual Tour: 360° photos of the Old Town of Tropea and the beaches
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