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Residences in Tropea, Residences at Capo Vaticano and Surroundings 

Residences in Tropea - Residences at Capo Vaticano - Residences in Calabrien - Residences in South Italy 

Tropea biz has selectioned the best Residences at Tropea, Capo Vaticano, Parghelia, Zambrone and  along the Coast of the Gods  between Pizzo Calabro and Nicotera. The sea is very popular for its pure water and its shades of blue colors are primed since many years with the Blue Flag of Europe whereas Ricadi, Capo Vaticano and Tropea are praised in the "Guida Blu" of the organisation Touring Club Italiano and by the environmental organisation Lega Ambiente.

Residences in Tropea and Surroundings

Residence Il Normanno a Tropea Residence "Fonte di Bagnaria"
Locality Bagnaria - S. Domenica  
Phone/Fax: 0963.666055
E-mail: trester@libero.it
Web page: Residence Fonte di Bagnaria
Residence "Le Playe"
C/da Biluscia - 89865 S.Domenica Ricadi
Tel: 0963.669573
E-Mail: info@leplaye.it
web site: www.leplaye.it
Residence Maddalena a Drapia vicino Tropea Hotel Residence "Maddalena"***
Contrada Rizzina, 12  - Drapia
Tel: 0963.667805 
E-mail: hotelmaddalena@tropea.biz 
web site: hotel_maddalena
Residenza La Vigna a Parghelia vicino Tropea Residence "La Vigna"
Locality Tonnara - 89861 Parghelia
Phone: 0963.666053
E-Mail: info@residenzalavigna.it
web page: Residence La Vigna

Residences at Capo Vaticano

Hotel "Costa Azzurra" ***
Viale G. Berto s.n.c. - Capo Vaticano
phone: 0963.663109 Fax 0963.663956
E-mail: costazzurra@virgilio.it
Web site: www.hotelcostazzurra.com
Residence Il Gattopardo a Capo Vaticano Residence "Il Gattopardo"  ***
Capo Vaticano - S.Nicoḷ di Ricadi 
Phone: 0963.663438 Fax: 0963.663438
@ info@hotel-ilgattopardo.it
web site: www.hotel-ilgattopardo.it
Residence Quattro Scogli a Capo Vaticano Residence "Quattro Scogli" *** 
Loc. Capo Vaticano Grotticelle  Ricadi 
Phone: 340.7272080 Fax: 0963.665431
E-mail: info@quattroscogli.it
web site: Villaggio_Quattro_Scogli
Residence Vadaro a Capo Vaticano Village Residence "Vadaro" ***
Loc Tonicello - S. Nicoḷ di Ricadi 
Phone 0963.663129 - cell: 339.4100795
E-mail: info@vadarotropea.it 
web site: www.vadarotropea.it
Residence "La Taverna"  ***
Capo Vaticano - 89865 San Nicolò
0963.665922 Tel. 0963.663882 
@: info@residencelataverna.com
Foto e info: Residence La Taverna
Residence Osiris Apartments Residence "Osiris" ***
Locality Gurdurello - Capo Vaticano (VV)
Phone: 0963.665153 cell: 339.1115542
@ osiris71@libero.it
web page: Residence Osiris

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