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Only from the first pressure of the olive there originates a really good oil! For 4 Generations the farm family Tripaldi uses only the best fruits to the production of an ecologically pure high-class oil. Their silvery olive grove with more than 300 year-old trees lies picturesquely in the fields near by Tropea...
Their silvery olive grove with over 300 year-old olive trees are not treated chemically. An optimum acidity of 0.5 percent is reached by a careful picking and direct pressure and causes this unmistakeable and mild aroma! Tests proves that it decrees over unsaturated fatty acids and affects therefore also positively the cholesterol mirror.

Unfortunately, the olive oil which you can receive in the supermarkets is often addressed as "specially vergine", "specially purely", often adulterated olive oil. The half of the bottle is stretched with economic rapeseed oil and refilled with an inferior of extremely acid olive oil. This is a popular method great industrialists work with!

An other unlawful feint of the large-scale industry exists in buying very cheap pesticide-contaminated olive oil of lands like Tunisia or Morocco. Then the Oil is declared in Italy as a Toskanian or Apulian olive oil. Firmly stands that the number of the Italian olive trees is by far lower, than the amount of the Olive Oils supposedly produced in Italy.

Many farmers are often victims at the international market, because the price for olive oil has sunk all together. You pay for the really pure olive oil which you can also find in Germany, nevertheless, a high price of 12 to 15 €uro for one liter.

The family Tripaldi whose sons cooperate recently engaged in the enterprise of the parents, guarantee with their good name for the cleanness and the divine mild taste of their oils. Their label corresponds to the European DIN norms!

One of the brothers named Salvatore has opened in 2001 an Internetpoint in Tropea, from there you can also order the olive oil! Opening time between 11.00 - 19.00 o'clock.

Possible to order by phone (in italian): 0039-333.241.2243 (Salvatore), in english and german send an. E-mail:


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